The preproduction had started with us gathering our critical topic information. We chose to focus on one main area to start, Hawaii.

Hawaii has many different ecosystems, which makes it a great place to start for this project. Hawaii is not just one island, it is comprised of many but we chose to display the information on the Big Island (Hawaii main island). The Big Island has a total of 6 different climates zones, which allows many things to grow and live there.

We started to gather information such as the latitude, longitude and elevation. These coordinates were used and displayed to get the full effect. We gather information on the plants that grow there, this included information such as where and how they grow, their attributes and what size they will grow to.

After gathering the information we started to create a mood board on Pintrest. We chose to make an inspiration board on Pintrest to showcase all out ideas in one easy place. Creating a mood board is a great way to start because it allowed us to see how we wanted our idea to come to life.dY0vToBj.jpg