The Concept

The idea of the concept is to display a variety of environmental ecosystems throughout the world for the UI Design project topic. This idea came to mind because of my love of travel. This was the perfect topic for my team and I as they too love to travel. It is easy to design for something that you are passionate about.

This would be displayed in a holograph coming from a device. The main image would start with a globe allowing users to pick where they would like to go. Then from there they can select the area they are interested in and find out more about it. The information displayed can be climate, air quality, time zones, plants, wildlife weather, landscape, such as hills, valleys, rocks, volcanoes and much more. By just selecting on a certain element the information will pop up on a side bar displaying the information. This will allow the user to find out different elements and information about the location they have never known before. This would be great for students wanting to learn amore about the specific area. It can also be great for people who love to travel and just want to know more about the location they will be traveling to, soon.