Making of the Globe

Making the globe was one of the toughest parts of this project. After looking though our mood board we decided we wanted to create a futuristic looking globe. From there I took on the role to create it. Using Adobe Illustrator, I experimented with different ways to creating it. My first idea was to create a 3D type globe that showcased the different countries in the world. I chose to stick with a blue green colour scheme to create the futuristic feel.


Once I had created a realistic type globe, I moved on to make the metric looking globe this allows it to look more futuristic. While researching how to create this globe, I came across a Behance post on how to create one. See link below.

Using that post as a guideline, I started to create my own using different techniques. I am happy of the outcome and I am excited to see it come to life when I place it in the proper setting.

Artboard 1-100.jpg