Coming to the Idea

For my Interactive Design class we got to pick from many different project options. My team decided to choose the UI Design. This was going to be a challenge, as we had never done this before. The design had to be for an existing device or for a new technology, something futuristic.

We began brainstorming different ideas and concepts bringing our creative juices out on what we wanted to create. We started by looking through websites for inspiration such as Pintrest and Google. After what seemed to be an exhausted time, we agreed to start with a globe. Using the globe as the start off point we then started brainstorming ideas on what topics we can use that could include the globe. After thinking it over and talking it over with our professor, we chose to display a variety of environmental ecosystems throughout the world for our topic. With my love of traveling and always talking about the adventures and misadventures I had, we thought this would be an idea because we would be able to find out more about the world.